Monday, March 10, 2008

Stupidest Injury...EVER!

So, part of my lower back was hurting during church yesterday. I thought maybe I had slept on it wrong, or the time change had done something weird, I am just not sure. I made it through church, but the pain got worse and worse. After church, Jessica worked on my back for a bit, which relieved the pain for a while, but it came back. I still was not sure why I was hurting, and we went through what I had done that might hurt my back. We were hanging out with our friend Jacob, who is a massage therapist, and he also helped with the quest of figuring out the pain. We figured it out, and here comes the stupid part. I tweaked my back from....BOWLING! How embarrassing is that!??! Luckily, Jacob is kind enough to work on my back for a bit, and it is feeling much better. I hope that it will completely better soon! Thanks to all who helped, and didn't laugh too much when we figured out the issue!

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