Sunday, March 30, 2008

Festival of Colors!

On Saturday, 3 of my roommates and I went to the Hare Krishna Temple for the Festival of colors. It is a celebration where people throw colored...chalk, basically, to celebrate the holiday. They also have a bonfire where they symbolically burn this lady who used to burn children. It really is an interesting story, you should look it up! Anyway, when we went, we ran into some old friends, and it was great fun! We ended up not buying any of the powder, but that was NOT a problem. We stood in the middle of the crowd of hundreds, if not thousands of people and were BATHED in the dust.

The beginning was cool, but then we couldn't see anything other than each other, the air was filled with pink dust, yellow dust, green dust, etc. We couldn't really breathe either, and ended up choking a bit. We had to spit a lot, close our eyes to the dust, and try to breathe through it all. I wondered if that is what it would be like to suffocate. I wasn't such a fan of the not breathing, but the colors were a blast!

This is a group shot of the lovely colors.

Here is a chance to see more of the colors.

Here is the top of my head...dusty!

Afterwards, we took turns showering, and washed our clothes together. They said it didn't stain, but some of our clothing ended up PINK! My thermal that was white with blue flowers is now pink with blue flowers. The best thing I can say is that it is an even dye job. We ended up vacuuming Heather's car to get rid of the dust, and all in all had a BLAST!

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