Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A few of my favorite people!

I am PSYCHED!!!! You want to know why??? I get to see some of my favorite people today!!! That's right! The Andersons are coming in to Provo to take Blake to the MTC tomorrow, and we are going to get together today! It makes my heart so happy. They are the family I have chosen (and thankfully they have chosen me back), in addition to the family I was born into. They are my big family when I go back to Woodland; if I am not with my sister, I am with the Andersons. It feeds my soul to be with them, and I will get to feast today! I am so grateful for them and soooooo happy to see them!

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Janna said...

So glad to see you pop in on my blog! And good luck with the job hunt...I'll stay tuned on your blog.