Friday, March 14, 2008

Ironic, don't you think???

I had a substituting job today (that is not the ironic part). They called me in to sub in a math class. Luckily, I thought at the time that because the teacher had called in sick, it would end up being easy, and there would be a prep period, and life would be grand. Oh no...of course not!

I went the class, and the tracker was there. He told me that he couldn't find the notes that were supposed to be used by the students, so they had basically been sitting for a while doing nothing. I took over and ENDED UP TEACHING. I found the notebook the teacher used, and verbally gave the instructions to the class. This was towards the end of the period that I actually got there, so we did a little bit, and then class was done and done.

The next period, I had it planned out and the kids were great and it went off without a hitch! Life was good, even if I was TEACHING MATH!!!! Who knew!?!?! The next period was chaos, to say the least. The class was a different one, so I had to do the new lesson outline (which had all the notes, pages, etc, thankfully) and try to get the students on task. Just as this was happening, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. I had trouble finding all my students, but eventually we got to go back into the class and I tried again to get them focused and on track. It worked to an extent, but there were some students that were pains in my neck and I wanted them out! Luckily, lunch came, and I had 45 glorious minutes to myself.

My last class was a pain, for several reasons. The worksheets were messed up, and so I had to go question by question and the student complained about having to actually write the assignments and do it. My goodnes! Students have changed so much, even in the few years that have been since I was in school.

The most ironic part of the day was that I spent it on my feet, TEACHING MATH!!!!

I then spent an hour and a half doing driving range too. My legs and body are TIRED!!!

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