Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh, what songs of my heart!

You know how there are some sounds or smells or other sense things that can transport you to another place and time so easily? This happens to me at times, and it makes my heart so happy. There is one that speaks to my soul so much, and I had to share it! There is an apartment in my complex, and my ward, that has wind chimes and those wooden looking chime like things hanging on their balcony. The first time I heard them, (and saw in the case of the wooden thing) I was immediately transported back to my Grandma Winans house on Carlisle Drive in California from ages ago. She had about a bazillion wind chimes outside her house, and when the wind picked up, it was a symphony of chimes, ranging in tones from deep and soulful to light and airy. I loved listening to those chimes, as well as spending time with my grandma, and those chimes make my heart so happy and take me back to those precious memories I have of my grandma. The music speaks to my heart!

I appreciate how our senses are intertwined with our memories and how we are connected to our pasts and presents through those intricate, specific memories, and how they shape who we are, how we see the world, and our attitudes towards life.

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