Monday, January 23, 2012

Wait for Halloween?? NO WAY!

Another reason I love my job?

I get to use my creatively gross make-up skills.

Each year we do a simulated emergency, and we have victims. This year, I suggested that we could put make-up on the victims, instead of just using a piece of paper with a description on it. I was able to use my Theater Make-up Class skills from back in the day, and it was SO fun!


Brandon and Lacey said...

I'm smiling while I read this post, but for other reasons...can you guess why? :oP

Mara Hinton said...

From one tweedle to another, I think Janet would be proud. :) Great job!!!

Kris10 said...

Mara, I was seriously thinking about you during the make-up time. SUCH good times! Do you remember when you made me into the witch...just for fun!?!?!