Monday, January 30, 2012

My mom...

This past week, my mom, this adorable lady, had a birthday!

I was thinking about the example she has been to me throughout my life, all she has done for me, and it got me to thinking, how do I show my appreciation for all she has give and done, all her sacrifices, and her example?

The answer came to me in the example of the Savior..."go and do likewise".

My mom will most likely be embarrassed by this post, but I have to share the thoughts about her example. I can strive to become like she is, to be giving, serving others, to have a great sense of humor, to be humble and prayerful, creative and crafty. I don't think she has any idea at how amazing she really is. If I can "do likewise" to her life, I will become an amazing person. AND, as I become like her, I will also become like my Savior, Jesus Christ. She has been that example to me.

SO, I encourage you to find people in your life, and determine what qualities they show you, and then "go and do likewise", or "go and BECOME likewise". You will be happier for it. I promise!

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