Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recapping, for your catching up pleasure :)

I decided that a good way to start this blogging year goal joy is to catch up with what has been going on the last little while in my life.

*Work: I am still working as a Hall Advisor. I realized recently how much it irks me when people don't realize what I do for work. What I mean by that is so many people presume I am working part time as a Resident Assistant (which I did as a student for 2 years many moons ago). I then get to tell them that I do have a 'grown-up' job that is a full-time job with all that goes with it. I hate to say it, but I am kind of a big deal ;). I LOVE the RAs that I am working with this year, and my associate HA is someone I worked with back when we were both students, so it is fun to have an old friend. Russ and his wife, Adri, are just fun to be around and great to work with. I am living in one of the new Heritage buildings. (For those of you familiar with BYU, it is where Deseret Towers used to be located.) I love seeing the growth and development of the residents and just the fun that they bring to my life.

*Family: The Kennedy family has been growing! Baby Teagen joined our family at the end of July, and in December, Baby Oliver joined our family as well! I feel blessed to have been able to meet and cuddle all of my nieces and nephew (the older ones are less cuddly and more play-ey). I LOVE being an aunt!

It is a little sad to me, that I have exciting things for my work and family, and nothing really else to report about in a recapping form. However, I am looking forward to adventures in the New Year! Let me know what else you want to know about in my life!

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Mara Hinton said...

Cute cute babies!!!! My fingers are itching to photograph their adorableness! I wish my nephews lived closer. I'm lucky if I even get to see them one time as a little cuddly baby...