Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend o' JOY!

I have some of the best friends in the world. That is a general statement for ALL of you...and some of those friends made this weekend AMAZING! Jill and Fernando came up from California this weekend to see me. They traveled through fog and elk and the dead of night just to see little old me. I feel so lucky! We had fun! We went to Old Towne, we met up with my Florence friend Jessica. They all hit it off, which makes for that much more fun! We ate at Mo's...delicious! We also went to the beach to look at the ocean (duh) and at the lighthouse. Mind you, we didn't hike to the lighthouse, but we did see it from the beach. We headed back to my house where we rocked Candyland, Clue, and Monopoly. We all won a game...except for Fernando. Oh well. Side note: my mom is the coolest. She made us a snack while we were playing! It was popcorn and orange slices and chocolates. She is the best! We then headed out for a little later night fun...which resulted in us going to Jessica's house because there is nothing to do in Florence after...well, does early bird special mean anything? Seriously-but that is a whole different blog topic. Anyway, we watched a movie, but we fell asleep watching it, and then, for some odd reason, we put another one in, and had that on too! We finally made it back to my house, where we crashed for a few hours...I do mean a FEW. We went to church and then hung out a bit after church. Alas, Jill and Fernando had to leave to make their way back to California. I am so grateful for them and their sacrifice to come see me one last time before my mission. I truly think that friends are some of the best blessings we receive in this life! They make my heart HAPPY!

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

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Naazju said...

Love it! My favorite picture is definitely the last one--best in-the-moment evidence! I'm so glad your friends were able to visit and spend time with them. I wish I could have visited, too!