Wednesday, January 28, 2009 you go!

Natalia has been wanting me to blog about something...anything! The problem is that nothing too exciting has been going on, aside from the normal getting everything in before I leave on my mission stuff. I have decided to put up some pictures of the goings on as of late. Some of them are the same as facebook, but some are a little different for your viewing pleasure!

This is a view outside the car on our way to Medford. My mom and I went to the temple. I have been to the temple 4 times since receiving my endowment...and to 4 different temples! I have been to the Sacramento, Seattle, Portland, and Medford Temples!

Jessica and I love quilting!

This is Hobbit Trail! This is the trail that made me think of my friend Neil. He would have a BLAST taking pictures on this little jaunt of a hike.

It was on this beach that I found an almost whole sand dollar! It is just missing a little piece of the middle. If I remember to take a picture, I will and then I will put that on here too!

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Fredjikrang said...

Looks like you've been have a good time in your last couple of weeks! :D