Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Music Speaks to My Soul!

I have been going through a rough patch the last few days. No need for real details; that is not the point of this entry. HOWEVER, I have to tell you how much joy music brings to my soul and how healing it truly can be. I am not only talking about hymns or soothing music, but how artists like Nat King Cole and Aretha Franklin also help my heart and soul. And we cannot forget how the music of Kelly Clarkson blaring also helps the healing process. I am specifically talking about the album "breakaway" that always deserves to be blasted when played. I can't hit the right notes, but since it so so loud, it does not matter.

Music is an incredible gift that we can use in our lives, that speaks to us on different levels. A guest lecturer in a theater class once said that words speak person to person, but music speaks spirit to spirit. I believe that is so true. There are ways we are touched by music that just speaking cannot do.


Catie said...

Thrills My SOUL!!! I'm glad you understand the whole music to soul experience. Sometimes it just helps when words or gestures cannot. It makes my heart happy to read it! LOVES!!

Naazju said...

And now you know why I blog about music every other entry.

I hope this week has gone better for you and that you continue to find peace and awesomeness in music and those around you. (And, just so you know, the "Breakaway" album reminds me of going to see Divine Comedy with two good friends, parking in the JSFB underground parking, turning up the radio and singing as loudly and echo-y as we could. I thought that might cheer you up!)

Love ya!