Friday, June 01, 2018

A Grateful Heart part 4

I have been thinking about how grateful I am for lessons learned through witnessing small moments of human interaction.

When people are conversing, connecting, or communing with each other, there is great power in observing their interactions. I absolutely love people watching. It is amazing to see people when they don't think others are paying attention or watching. Most of the time I learn positive things about others, and sometimes it's lessons of things I don't want to do or ways not to be.

It's interesting, because I made a note of an interaction from over a year ago, wanting to remember and share it when I had the chance, and here is that chance!

I was at church when two gentlemen caught my eye. One of them had lost his wife a number of months prior, and the other had very recently lost his wife. These men had been married to their wives for decades, and it was plain to see how much they had each loved their wife. The Sunday that stood out to me was a normal day, with the congregation gathering to worship. It caught my eye that these two men were sitting together, supporting each other, and sharing the burden of being widowed.

My heart ached for them, but also burned with the learning of the power of human connection and interaction. I don't think that there were any specific words shared, but the simple act of sitting together seemed to strengthen and buoy each of them. It was brotherhood in action and it was beautiful.

So, my gratitude for the day is the lessons learned, great and small, through observation of the human experience.

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