Monday, August 12, 2013

Spin Class and Life

My friend, Crystal, is a very convincing person. She convinces me to try new things, including a weekly spin class. I haven't been able to go the last few weeks, but I love it, and when I can go, I go!

During class one week, it hit me. This class is so much like life and our individual paths of life. Let's have a look:

Instructor Drew: He knows what will work best for us, he knows what is going on, what to do. He teaches us the way to go, how to prevent injury, how to get the most out of the 45 minute class. He helps us to prevent injury and actually enjoy our time. He is much like the leaders in life. We can learn from those who have gone before, who know what they are doing, who have our best interests at heart. I try to follow the instructor.

Bike: The bike is personalized to our height, tension, leg length. We need to use the tools and skills given to us to the best of our ability. We need to make them fit to us, and not try to be like everyone else's bike. As we develop our own skills and talents, we will do better and get more out of life.

The Class: Each one of us had our own bike. We followed our leader to do the work out. We were able to go at our own pace, working at getting the different moves right. If there were parts that we were not able to do the first class, we could try to do it, without worrying about pressure from others. We were all trying for the same goal (a killer workout), but we all went about it in different ways. We were able to listen to our body and take what Drew was giving us, and do the most we could with that direction. It's just like with life. We are all trying to live life, and we have people directing us, and it is up to us to make the most of each day. Drew reminded us that it is our workout, and we get what out what we put in. In life, we get out what we put in. We will go at different speeds, or different intensities than others around us, but we are all going through life. We should not be exactly the same, but we can all succeed!


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