Monday, August 12, 2013


At the end of July, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary of being home from my mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bulgaria.

On August 13, I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of being a Hall Advisor in Heritage Halls at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

Both of these anniversaries mean a great deal to me. It is much more than just the passage of time.

Because of my experiences in Bulgaria, I have been prepared for my work with Residence Life. Because of my work with Residence Life, I treasure my time in Bulgaria.

I spent 18 months serving the Lord, and the people of Bulgaria. Service became more of a part of the person I am trying to become. I think it was there before my mission, but my mission brought it out even more. I am grateful that I still get to serve people through my work.

When I describe my work to people, there are a few reactions:
*The wide-eyed look of surprise
*The faraway look they get as they think of their freshman year (possibly the mischief they got into that year)

Let me tell you. I have loved the last 3 years. Some days are easier than others, but that is life. I get to make connections with new students, and be a part of their lives. I am able to shape their lives, and be a part of their freshman year. Granted, a lot of it is behind the scenes, but I am a part of it. I get to serve 200+ young ladies every day. It gets crazy at times, and my friends and family know that I 'disappear' in April and August, but that is the adventure in it all.

I love the service I am able to give, whether it is unlocking a door, answering random (RANDOM) questions, or giving a smile and wave to residents as they come and go. I really love the service as I develop one on one relationships with those residents who stop by my office and get to know me. I love when they ask for advice in many aspects of life. It is a blessing to be a go-to person in their lives. I look forward to this year, and smile at the possibilities!


Megan said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. All of the students and staff are blessed by getting to work with you. That I can testify fervently.

Kris10 said...

Thank you!