Sunday, February 05, 2012

Blanket Power!

I have been known to wish for "a couch, a blanket, and a boy", especially when weather is gloomy and I just want to huddle down for the day. The other day, my friend Tashina and I determined some of the awesomeness that comes JUST from a blanket. I would like to share those with you now :)

 They understand that sometimes you need more than they can give, like hot cocoa and a fire
 They inspire creativity, like they can be a cape, or a fort or whatever you imagine.
 They don’t care if you’re sick, they will love you anyway
 They nurture you when you are sick and you can’t get them sick
 They don’t judge if the only think you eat all day is ice cream
 They meet your needs in that if only your feet need warmth, or all of you.
 They’re way soft all over. You don’t need to strategically place your head in a comfortable position.
 They don’t judge if you are feeling extra fluffy yourself, they still hug you all over. In fact they really enjoy your curves
 They don’t give advice, they just hold and comfort you
 They don’t ever leave you for someone else. They know if you are away for awhile, it’s not them, and you will always come back to them.
 Always ready and willing
 Always keep secrets
 Never jealous. No matter how many other blankets and pillows are involved.
 They like to be outside and inside
 Perfect for any season
 Ever faithful
 Blankets don’t have to move when you’re comfortable because they don’t have arms that lose circulation
 You always know they are free
 Magical powers

As you can see, blankets rock my world.

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