Sunday, February 12, 2012

Familial Mannerisms

Two seemingly unrelated experiences this week have made me think a lot this week about family.

I was talking with my friend about his twin nieces this week. He told me that they are identical, but that he can tell them apart by their mannerisms and personalities. At the same time, you can tell they are sisters by the way they interact, and not just because they are twins.

I got to spend time with my uncle, aunt, and cousin this week. While I was talking with my uncle, I couldn't help but feel it was so similar to talking with my dad (his brother).

It makes me wonder how similar my mannerisms are to my family members. I am geographically close to one of my siblings that I really grew up with, but I wonder how much we are all similar in some of the things we say, how we say things, how we talk, how we move, act, and so forth. It made me think a lot about it. Do you see familial mannerisms in YOUR family??


Megan said...

oh yeah. I've been away from my family for a long time now but whenever we get together, there are things that are extremely noticeable. Oliver even notices that I change the way I speak when I'm around my family. I don't know how, but I guess it happens.

Kendra said...

Yes!! I guess I talk like my little sister, especially when we get together. And even though there is a huge gap between my older sister and I, and we weren't raised together, there are tons of things that we like and do the same, and mannerisms too!! It is an interesting nature vs nutter experiment.

Heather B said...

My sisters and I all sound the same (same laugh, same tone of voice, same phrases), even though we live in four different states, rarely see each other, and haven't lived in the same home for over 25 years. Yeah, weird. On those rare occasions when we get together, my kids are totally freaked out. All part of my master plan...mwahahaha!