Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Playing Catch up...

SO, going out of town really throws off my schedule. Where was I? OREGON!! YAY for roadtrips. We left EARLY on Friday, stayed in Florence for 2 days, and then headed back to Utah on Monday. Thank goodness for the 3-day weekend. Here are a few pictures. of the adventure:

I got to spend some time alone at the beach. It was so nice because the weather was so pleasant and I had time to think. Also, had the sensation of having the ocean rush over my feet, and then have the sand settle back under, it was a strange feeling!

While there (the purpose for the other people I rode with to go to Oregon) I got to go the baptism of Brother and Sister Flood. Their daughter, Tammy, is here in Utah, so we all rode together. We had some fun afterwards taking pictures.

Emalee misses me SO much that she wants to be asclosetomeaspossible when we are together.

We had family night and played some games. Bananagrams is a fun game, and I am pretty decent at it. I love being able to spend time with my family!

Emalee is a Rhody princess, with a legit tiara and everything, so I got to play pretty pretty princess! What do you think?

Some other happenings of late:
I went to a Treti Mart (march 3rd) party for Bulgarian missionaries. There is a celebration of the coming of spring, and so we got together to make martinisti and just have fun together!

I love being with people from my mission!

On that note, the other day, my friend Carolyn, from my mission and I were talking, and another friend was there. Carolyn had to go, but she had to talk to me about something private, and she told my friend this. I thought we were going to get up and go somewhere, but NO...she just started speaking in Bulgarian. I LOVED IT! The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. It's the best secret language EVER!

Pi Day (March 14... 3.14) is next Monday, but I have to work, and don't have much time off before then, so I decided to have a "practically pi day pie party". I went to town, and a little overboard, with my pies. I ended up making 6 pies and a few other friends brought pies too. I still have some pie, if you want some! I tried all new recipes, and they turned out pretty well. I really enjoyed making the pies!


Reasons why I love my friend, Lacey? Even though she doesn't really like pie, she came to the party anyway, and just brought herself cheesecake! LOVE IT!


Naazju said...

At least you have your very own fridge so you can keep the leftover pies safe for a couple of days! Thanks for inviting us. :D

Jessica & Thomas said...

Wow, those are BEAUTIFUL pies!

Kris10 said...

@Naazju: It was so great to see you! We need to play again soon!
@Jessica: Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I love Bananagrams! and I love you too sis! :-)

Brandon and Lacey said...

Awww! Reasons why I love my friend Kristen... She still invites me to pie parties and lets me bring cheesecake. :o)