Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh, My Joy is FULL!

My heart is full with the joy and excitement of the first General Women's Meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

All women, ages 8 and up all over the world were invited to attend the meeting, or a broadcast of the meeting. Leaders from the General Auxiliaries of the Church, including the Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society, hosted the meeting.

As a woman in the Church, I was curious to see how the meeting would be able to address needs of women from the young age of 8 to the more mature years. I was excited to learn, to grow, to feel, to hear, to know the truths that were taught. I was filled with the Holy Ghost, as the meeting progressed with music, talks, and presentations.

I have always felt a connection with music. Although I am not the most musically inclined person, I appreciate music and feel so much more with music than I do with other mediums. The choir was made up of girls, young women, and women from many stakes in Utah. The songs they sang were filled with strength and the Spirit, with truth and testimony, with beauty and bravery. Along with the actual singing, I absolutely LOVED how many moms and daughters were singing together, and holding hands or touching in some way while they were performing. I have to admit, I missed my mom a bit more during those parts. I was overwhelmed by the messages of love, hope, and determination in the music.

The talks that were given were beautifully basic. We were taught simply to be covenant keeping women. We were instructed on how to use our hands and lives for good. We were shown the example of others, and our Savior, on how to become more, to become who we are meant to be, to become that perfect (complete) person our Heavenly Father knows we are, even if we don't see it yet. I loved how all 4 speakers were able to beautifully intertwine concepts and truths throughout the meeting, while still presenting ideas in new ways that provided me with 'aha moments'.

The presentations reminded me of the beautiful fact that we are a worldwide sisterhood. I thought of my beloved sisters in Bulgaria, my cherished sisters from my younger years, and my treasured sisters with whom I get to interact on a regular basis these days. We may speak different languages, we may find beauty in different things, we may have assorted goals in life, but as President Henry B. Eyring said, "We are more alike as Daughters of God than we are different." There is greatness in our diversity, and strength that comes as we find connections, and as we remember the wise words of Marjorie Pay Hinckley, "Oh, how we need each other!", we will find unity and strength, no matter where we are geographically, spiritually, or emotionally.

One of the blessings from this meeting were the thoughts and inspirations that came to my mind. Yes, the words that were sung, spoken, and presented were well thought out, lovely, and true, but the thoughts and inspirations that came TO me are precious invitations to act, do, and become. I look forward to the processes in my life that will help me become the woman I am on my way to becoming as I fulfill my potential more and more each day.

Oh, my joy is full!

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laurelbjones said...

This is a wonderful reflection from you soul as to the impressions you had from the first ever Women's Conference. You need to put that on the stake digital mission sight as a missionary tool.
Sis. Laurel Jones