Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Valentine's Day Victory!

I have been known as a person who can be quite vocal in my distaste for Valentine's Day. I don't like how commercial it can be, and how over the top some people feel they have to be to upstage last year's efforts (whether it is with the same person, or a new person). However, in recent years, I have been shown how much it can be about love in general. I have friends who celebrate with their children in fun ways, which makes it more enjoyable for me to see what they do.

I also took a very 'come what may' attitude about Valentine's Day this year. I had no expectations of secret admirers, declarations of interest/love, or having a 'special someone'.

Instead, I had several special someones!

The night before, I was able to babysit one of my nieces and my nephew, and we just had a blast! I love being able to hang with them, to hear their excitement for life, and their energy!

The Dollar Tree is a magical place to find cheap, fun projects!

Friday morning, I headed to the Provo temple. It felt like a great way to show love!

Later, I headed to Jiffy Lube to get some car stuff taken care of (all routine, no worries) and I was pleasantly surprised, not once, but twice, by carnations from the employees!

I will have to remember this for next year too!

Texts from best friends also made the day special!

I had to work that night, which wasn't a big deal. While I was in the office, two of my RAs came racing into the office with BIG smiles on their faces. As I wondered what they were up to, they busted out singing (with dance moves too) "L-O-V-E". Talk about making my night!

A late-night text with a picture of Tom Hiddleston caused quite the stir of JOY in my heart!

All in all, I was able to share the day with lots of people who are special to me!

The day then extended with a card from my parents that I picked up on Saturday!

I realize more and more each year that the holiday is what we make it. If we complain about the single awareness of it, that is what it is to us. If we use it as a day to express love and to celebrate the different types of love in our lives, then it can be a fun day and can bring happiness and love to those around us!

I now feel victorious over the Valentine's Day grumps!

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Raree (RAH-ree) said...

:) Right you are, my friend. Love of every kind is a wonderful blessing and something worth celebrating all of the time - including Valentine's Day. You are awesome.