Friday, July 06, 2012


Preface: This blog is just more of a word vomit experience, don't worry about me :).

After a recent experience I have come to 2 connected realizations.

1. Feeling invisible because of the way people around you are treating you can be one of the worst feelings. Being treated like a non-entity is painful, disheartening, disappointing, frustrating, and just heart-breaking. I consider myself a pretty self-confident person when it comes to being around people; I don't always go out of my way to introduce myself to everyone I meet, but I try to make eye contact and smile at people...those I know and those I don't know yet. However, when people you know, or used to know, won't make eye contact, ignore your presence completely, and painfully ignore you, it can do a number on you.

I don't want this to be a pity party for me, but my goodness! I don't get it.

2. I NEVER want to make someone feel invisible. If I have ever made you feel invisible, I profusely apologize. Each one of us is worth more than that. Even if there is someone I don't particularly care for, or we are on the outs, I don't want to ever be the cause of them feeling less than the worthy person that they are. I try to be a person that lifts others, and helps them to realize their potential and worth. Because of this experience, I am more devoted to smiling at people when I see them, making eye contact, even throwing in a head nod once in awhile. I think with that practice, I can get more in the habit of introducing myself and really getting to know them, and finding out for myself the great person I am sure they are!


Douglas Kelly said...

Amen! My sister read a book that being treated with love is amazing, being treated with contempt and hatred is exhilaration, but being not treated at all is the worst thing possible and that's why kids whose parents ignore them are worse off than those who have violent households.

Ashley Kristine said...

And that's why some people will go to extreme measures just to get attention. Nobody likes to feel invisible. Hi, by the way... totally stalked you and found your blog. :)

Kris10 said...

hey! thanks for stalking!