Sunday, July 01, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about fathers recently. This would make sense, as Father's Day was just a few weeks ago. I realize that not only have I been incredibly blessed to have an amazing father who sacrifices so much for our family, but I have other men that have become other fathers.

I have one dad that has been my dad for over 20 years. He is my best friend's dad. I always joked that if I had run away as a kid, I would have run straight to their house. Why? Because I had my other family there. I know that I can always talk to this dad about anything. He and his wife have been aware of me, have been generous and giving, and helped instill a confidence in me that has greatly helped me in my life.

I have another dad that is British, but I met him in Bulgaria. He in fact told me that I had been adopted into their family. I love our chats on the couches in Varna, and I miss him dearly. He had a way of making me feel special and useful on my mission.

Another dad of mine I like to refer to as my England Daddy (even though he is American). I had the privilege of meeting him while I was on a trip to England (thus the name) and I felt an immediate ease being around him. I felt welcomed and that he truly wanted to know about me. I have been able to continue my relationship with him and my England Mommy through time and moves and life! He is an example to me of service and commitment.

There are other men who have been like dads or uncles or men that I could count on in different stages of life. I have been incredibly blessed. These men are examples of worthy, honorable people who I am honored to know. They show me what kind of a man I hope to marry some day. They love me through time and distance and I never doubt that I am loved.

I am so grateful for my dad. He shows me how to love another through his relationship with my mom. I have never once questioned his devotion to her. I am grateful for that! I am grateful for his example of hard work and sacrifice. I am so blessed that he is my daddy.
I am also grateful for my Heavenly Father. He is the father of my spirit, and knows and loves me more than I can comprehend. He is aware of me all the time, offers me opportunities to learn and grow. He understands my pain and sorrow, my joy and happiness, my successes and shortcomings. I have hope because of His love for me.

I am truly blessed by the fathers in my life.

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