Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Reasons Why....

Summer Storms make my heart UNBELIEVABLY happy!
*The weather is warm enough that I can stay outside in the rain for a LONG time and not get cold.
*The rain isn't too hard, but enough to make it worth walking through and dancing in as much as I want.
*The smell of rain always makes me happy, but there is something about the smell of rain on warm pavement.
*The sound of rain.
*The sound of rain on leaves.
*The lightening not only illuminates the entire sky, there are bolt of lightening that cut through that illumination at the same time!
*The rumbling and crackling thunder completes the dance of thunder and lightening in its own time, sometimes in a softer, almost whisper of a thunder, and sometimes announcing its presence with a loud, majestic roll.
*The feeling I get of calm liberation from the heat of summer. There is a general liberation as the rain comes down and fortifies my soul in a way that I can't exactly describe.
*The knowledge it gives me of Heavenly Father...yes, even in a rainstorm. I can see His hand, His power, His love.

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