Monday, July 11, 2011

Blessed Assurance that He Cares

It is interesting how amazed and yet not at how blessed I have been in my life by the people, and more specifically my close friends. They have seen me through my worst moments, which have included heaving sobs, gushing tears, splotchy and red eyes, and the silent hugs that wrap me in healing. They know when to give me words of wisdom, and when to let the quiet teach me what I need to learn. They know me better than I know myself at times, and help me to see where I can stretch and grow. They gently, yet firmly help me understand my life, my issues, and my solutions, especially when I don't necessarily want to see them for myself. They show courage when they challenge me, and point out ways I can improve, always showing me love. They want me to become more.
There are also so many tender mercies from those who I have come in contact with, who reach me when I need them the most, when they don't realize what strength and love they show for me in the little ways. From a message from a sister in the MTC on facebook to a comment on my blog to a thank you from a stranger that I helped at work...these all help me more than I can say.
They truly are tender mercies from a loving Heavenly Father. While I may say I am amazed at the love He shows me, at the same time, why wouldn't He show me that love? I am His daughter. He wants me to feel His LOVE and it is there, every day. The question is, do I look for it? Do I allow it in my life? Sometimes it has to be like a 2x4 for me to get it, but other times, when I take the time to pay attention, it comes over me like a light whisper of the summer breeze. He is always there, always loving. I am truly blessed.

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