Thursday, December 23, 2010


I know, I know. I am horrible at this whole blogging thing. I am trying to get better. I also know that you don't either do or you don't. BUT I am a firm believer in processes, so this trying to improve at blogging is indeed a process of doing. HA!
SO...over Thanksgiving break we had The GREAT Heritage Flood. The construction crews broke a water main and we had thousands of gallons of water flood through Heritage Halls. I was the only Hall Advisor around, SO I was in the trenches, shoveling out water. It was actually a lot of fun, even in the midst of the chaos and the worry. Makes me grateful for the people I work with.

SO...also over break I was able to go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights with Bryan, Dani, Charlotte, and Alex-Dani's nephew. We had so much fun, and Charlotte was LOVING it. We also had dinner at the Lionhouse...DELICIOUS!

SO...of course we had Thanksgiving. I got to spend it with the Raynes family. Oh, how I love them!

SO...we had snow, and my RAs got a taste of the joy of shoveling. The funny thing, is these two, Eric and Melany, are from Arizona and California, respectively, so they are novices with shoveling. BUT they had fun...I think!

SO...I have the tradition in my family to make a Thankful Tree in the month of November where we write down one thing every day that we are thankful for. I made one in my hall, and invited residents to write on leaves as well. This is what we ended up with.

I will try to update you all on December happenings soon! Have a wonderful day!


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Mara Hinton said...

Wonderful, wonderful tree! Remember when we used to do that in our day rooms when we were RAs? And then on Thanksgiving we would get up early to watch the parade while we decorated for Christmas, and painted fireplaces for the wall... Ah, good times!