Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Happenings of Late

Just wanted to give you some quick updates and pictures from my little corner of the world.

Lacey and I went to the Midnight Oh Eight showing of Harry Potter! I can't remember any other midnight-ish showings I have gone to for a movie. It was so fun, with random crazies!

A friend from my mission is on the BYU Hockey Team. I started going to games after a LONG hiatus, and have been enjoying them. I promised Tim I would make a I did! It is hope in Bulgarian, which is his last name! (Aren't I clever??)

For Missionary Week at Heritage Halls, we had a culture night. There was a booth about Bulgaria, and I got to help out a bit. It was fun to have things on display and to talk some about it.

Here are some of my peeps from Heritage. This was from Missionary Week. Chalene, Kristen, Lacey, and Melany. We are all in the same core group of HAs and RAs. We have some of the FUNNIEST staff meetings! I cry laughing sometimes.

I hope you have enjoyed a few snapshots of my life in the last little while!

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