Sunday, October 05, 2008


I am back in Woodland, CA for 3 weeks! It is kind of strange to go back to the place you grew up when your parents no longer live there. Yes, 2 of my siblings still live here, and another was here until a little over a year ago, but it is still strange to be somewhat out of the loop of things. Another crazy part is the kids growing up! I see kids in my ward at church who were itty bitty when I left who are now real people! (oh you know what I mean) I am still not adjusted to the fact that I am not going back to Utah until I go to the MTC in February. I miss it~strange, I know! I think it is more the people I know who you are! Anyway, it is good to come 'home' before I leave for such a long time!

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Natalia said...

I totally understand what you mean! Every time I go back to CA or IL or MO I think to myself "what happened? Everyone is so old!"

I'm glad you get to hang with your family, though, I think the Lord knew you needed this. And we're doing all right on our end. ;)