Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Highlights of my Oregon Adventure

Here are just a few of the highlights of my weekend trip!
*The woman at Rancherito's saying "Tank-oo".
*The good smelling flowers outside Denny's in Pendleton.
*The tomato basil soup at Denny's.
*It taking Derek 10 million years to figure out that Bryan, Danielle, and I were there waiting to pick him up from school.
*Hearing that I am not the sister he talks about.
*Seeing my family!!!!!!
*Watching "The Wedding Dress" because my mom loves it! (I liked it too!)
*Going to a writer's workshop in Eugene
*Having the poet laureate of Oregon think I was 14, yes 14!
*After finding out I was a college graduate, he laughed about it for at least a minute!
*Library pamphlets
*Surprising Grandma and Wally at Mo's.
*Going to dinner at Mo's and expanding my dining from a cannonball bowl.
*Having Emalee invite me to her YOUTH dance, and telling me there were going to be "lots of cute boys there". Yes, Emalee...cute BOYS! I am not desperate enough to prowl the youth dances quite yet.
*Doing Emalee's hair for her dance.
*Driving Lora's car!
*Our whole family trying to squeeze onto one bench at church, and having to sit basically on one side of my body for a large portion of the meeting.
*Seeing Derek pass the sacrament for the first time.
*Eating mom's homecooking!
*Eating a TON of GOOD sourdough bread.
*Leaving at 5am
*Wearing the traveling pants, and tying them just below my knees. (my roommates told me later that I pull of the grunge look very well...I think that is a good thing. I think I looked quite cute!)
*Driving in a car, sitting in unique positions, causing Bryan to ask if I was ACTUALLY comfortable sitting like that.
*Almost crying when Bryan told us how far we really were from the Utah border.
*Rest Stops!
*Seeing the Boise and Portland temples
*Hanging out and talking with Bryan and Danielle. I LOVED IT!!!! They rock!
*Getting out of Utah!
*Getting back earlier than expected

*If anyone can think of any others, let me know!!! It was a great weekend!


stephanie said...

Sounds like a great trip. I bet Derek loved it that you all went to surprise him. I love Dani and Bryan

stephanie said...

What a great trip. I love trips like that. I bet Derek loved having you there. I love Dani and Bryan as well. :)

Stef said...

That sounds like the funnestest trip!! I just LOVE time we should work it out so we are there at the same time!