Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Happenings as of Late

Alright my friends, just wanted to give you an update in the exciting life of one Kristen Kennedy. I am still doing Provo High Driver's Education, and loving it! Some days can be a little long (I only work the range for 2 hours at a time) because it gets a little boring watching teenagers drive around and around for that long. I have been subbing occasionally and even had time to do my taxes...go me!
Clark and I have been spending time together, as we do enjoy that aspect of dating and liking each other! We had a low key Valentine's Day where we took in an art exhibit that had some of his roommate's photography and went to dinner, where we ran into Natalie Nance. We also took Clark's younger brother, Brady, to see the Utah Blaze (AFL team...indoor football) in a scrimmage game and to meet the players. We had a blast, and apparently Brady thinks I am fun because he wants to adopt me as his sister, which is cool because he never wanted a sister before. I also got to hang out for a bit with Clark's parents, and they are so great! They were so gracious and genuinely interested in me, and I loved being in a home with parents and family and all that fun stuff.
Our ward threw a date night with dinner and dancing, and we had a blast! My roommate, Jennifer, and our dates were trendsetters, twice! We got a bunch of people to do the electric slide (on a non-country song), and to artistically move about the dance floor (walking with style) during another song. Clark taught me about cha-cha, and we even waltzed a bit too. Of course, we also made up some pretty sweet dance moves.
A side note...the church where we had this party had restroom doors with handles...ODD!!!
All in all, things are going well, and I am happy and hope that you all who are reading this are also doing well and are happy and at peace in your lives! I love you all!
Here is a little picture of Clark and I at the dance.


Phill said...

K K Holiday!
I just found your blog ... odd since you've posted on mine many a time ... Anyway, glad to see you are doing well in a relationship. I honestly didn't think you did too bad last time you were in one (ah freshman year). Hope you are doing well. We should get the whole gang together and you can all meet Kendrick.

Carolyn said...

sounds like a lot of fun!