Wednesday, December 19, 2007

24 hours of my 24th birthday!

So, I decided to try and stay up the whole 24 hours of my 24th is the play by play. Just some highlights from each hour! roommates wake me up with banging pots and pans! "A Boyfriend for Christmas". I had never seen it before, it is pretty good. I think I will make it a tradition to watch it every year for Christmas. (and "The Holiday" too...but I can watch them not at Christmas time too!)

1-2...finish movie, start "The Holiday"

(both movies are thanks to Lora...great birthday presents!!!) "The Holiday"...broke open the RockStar: Juiced energy drink to help get me through the day.

3-4...continue watching "The Holiday", battling sleep

4-5...finish watching "The Holiday", and am grateful for Internet to check every once in a while, and to update this most exciting and entertaining blog!

Can I tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack Black's character in "The Holiday"? He makes me laugh and he says all the right things, like telling Iris that if she were a melody, that he only used the good notes on her.

Started "Three Musketeers", even before I started the movie, I watched the music video for "All for Love" which I LOVE! I sure do love this movie!!!

I was totally battling sleep, but now I am on a second wind, and it makes me laugh, that I am writing this part about 20 minutes before I used to get up to get ready to go teach! Who knows when my roommates will get up too! This is too fun!

I also looked at Tasha's pictures from Jerusalem! It looks like she had SOOO much fun! I can't wait to see her!

5-6...I struggled to stay awake for the movie. There was a time that my eyes were closed, but my mind was still going. It helped me feel better.

6-7...I finished the movie. I feel more refreshed, but who knows how long that will last! Now that it is daytime hours, I have more energy in general and it isn't as hard to try to stay awake.

7-8...I surfed the television for a bit, AND I opened my presents from my parents...I love the socks, and the game and the CDs...and the book from my friend Abe. Presents are fun to open!!!

All I can say is it's a good thing I don't drink energy drinks too often because they are potently powerful...not just the boost, but on your stomach too!

8-9...I took out the trash...we sure needed it. The weather is rainy, so I got to take a walk in the rain. It was nice because it was a light sprinkle and it got me out of the apartment. One of my roommates woke up, and it was so nice to talk to a person, rather than trying to entertain myself for too much longer. It's a good thing I decided to put my hair up today (when I actually get around to getting ready) because the rain would ruin anything else I would do to my hair!

9-10...I de-stinkified myself with a nice hot shower and did my hair up with bobby pins, not to be confused with hair pins. It felt so nice to be clean and shiny and squeaky fresh. I also got to talk to my grandma and aunt on the phone and talk with more of my now awake roommates. Oh what a lovely day!

10-11...I pretty much just relaxed and chillaxed for awhile, nothing too significant. I was able to stay awake really well!

11-12...I finished getting dressed for the day, at least for the time being. I also went to Borders for a while before my lunch.

12-1...I went for my first time EVER to Tucano's and it was DELICIOUS! There was a guy in my ward who invited me to lunch for my birthday. It was so good and tasty and I wish it cost less! I heart meat!

1-2...I got quarters to do laundry! I am sooooo excited! I know it is a random thing to be happy about, but it is the little things that really bring a smile to my face, quarters included. I also sorted my laundry in preparation for nice clean clothes! I am so happy to have clean clothes and variety in my wardrobe, especially for my trip! AND...I talked to DeAnna on the phone...happiness in the land of my heart!

2-3...I talked with Jess and was able to stay quite awake. She worked on the cakes for the party tonight and it smells SOOOO good! Nothing too exciting happened this hour!

3-4...Oh, what to say? I helped Jess study for her final, and it was quite enjoyable. I sure do learn a lot helping her study. I did watch a show I absolutely adore, "Crossing Jordan".

4-5...I am STRUGGLIN' to stay awake! I am in a slump...I do still have some energy drink, so I might take some of that, just to give me a boost. I have been talking to my roommates and just relaxing and trying to keep my mind moving, instead of letting it rest too much, because then I start to fall asleep even more! OH DEAR!!!

5-6...So, apparently our apartment got NO MAIL today...depressing! I checked a couple of times, but to no avail...maybe someone else will have better luck. I was in a movie mood again, so I popped in "A Walk to Remember" because the songs have been going through my mind these past few days.

6-7...I finished the rest of the movie. Shane West really is an attractive man! I love singing along with the songs on the movie. I also got to talk to my family on the phone! they called and sang to me and then we chatted for a bit. I can't believe I get to see them in just a few days.

7-8...This is the hour of preparation. Not only did I straighten the front room and kitchen for the extravaganza, but I also gussied myself up for the occasion. Our apartment looks great, the cakes decorated by Jess look great, and I look great too! The party is scheduled from 8-10, so we shall see how well I last because I am feeling a little run down. I am glad you only turn 24 once, because I don't know if I could do this again!

8-9...This is the first half of the party...fiesta!!! There were friends from Alta, and other friends from before Alta. Jess and Heather decided to give me more than one candle to grow on...there were about 15 candles to grow on...but I rocked the blowing out of the candles!

9-10...More friends came, inlcuding Jessica Fallon, who lights up my life! It was so nice to have friends over and to celebrate the good things in life!

10-11...Of course we had our Christmas story at 10, and it was a good one, about these 2 boys who wanted to get their dad shoes, so they traced his foot while he was sleeping. We then started getting silly and goofy with umbrellas and cameras. We put in a movie about 10:30 and I kind of lost it!

11-12...I was in and out during the movie, which kind of breaks my heart, but I did make it pretty far, and I was coherent on and off.

It was a wonderful birthday with lots of amazing memories and great friends to share it with! Thank you all who helped make it my best 24th birthday ever!

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