Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Personal Scriptural Connections

In Relief Society last Sunday, our teacher asked us a question about the personal connection we have felt and the blessings we have seen in our lives through scripture study.

My thoughts went to the miracles and epic events that I have read and learned about, and then my thoughts narrowed down the stories to the individuals in the scriptures. In my reading of the Book of Mormon right now, I have been looking for experiences of the people when they were blessed with strength beyond their own, or when the Savior blessed them with an increase of knowledge, help, assurance, peace. There were examples of dramatic occurrences, to be sure. However, what has stuck out to me more is how individual and personal many of these boosts of whatever was needed at the time have been. It may not have changed the outcome of battles or changed the history of the world, but it changed that person for the better.

Because of that question in class, I have remembered that as much as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are involved in the major events (from parting the Red Sea, to feeding thousands on minimal amounts of food, to 2,000 young warriors being protected in battle), they are also involved in the seemingly insignificant moments and personal battles.

While our loving Heavenly Father doesn't micromanage our lives, he is aware of us, and wants to be a part of our lives. As much as we invite him into our lives, our decisions, our woes, he will be there and will bless us. He is as mindful of the one as he is of the billions.

Basically, I know that Heavenly Father is as interested in us as individuals, on a one-on-one basis as he is in the larger scale population. I am so grateful to know that as his daughter, he loves me, he wants me to include him in the processes, problems, and particulars of my life.

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