Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Entertainment Value

Tonight we had a party/break night for our RA Staff meeting. We took care of a little business, but then we busted out the movie "How to Train Your Dragon", which I highly recommend. BUT the most entertaining part of the movie for me was watching my RA, Eric watch the movie. He was SOOO into it. He shushed us a few times, and was so expressive in his concern and was just so enthralled. I haven't seen anything like this in SO long, I am actually laughing while writing this blog thinking about Eric watching the movie. It showed a whole new side of him. Maybe it works with all guys...maybe it is like a test for them, to see if they can get emotionally involved in the movie. Maybe. Or it just has a high entertainment value, especially when watching it with Eric!

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Brandon and Lacey said...

Seriously Priceless! :o)