Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Job

SO. I have not really said much...well about anything...BUT especially about my new job. I returned to the world of BYU Housing as a Hall Advisor, something I have wanted to do, but didn't really think it was going to happen. While I was on my mission, and people kept asking me what I was doing afterwards, the thought came to me to find out about being a HA. I found out, and applied, and miracle of miracles, I got the job!
I started on August 13, just in time for RA training! That week was pretty overwhelming because I had NO idea what was going on, and they kept saying, "just ask your Hall Advisor". I am sure I had a deer in the headlights look for most of the week. I have been blessed with amazing co-workers and awesome managers who are helping me and supporting me. It surprised me how many people I actually know who are still with Housing. I feel like I am coming home.
I supervise 3 RAs...2 women and 1 young man. They are absolutely amazing and so much fun to work with everyday. I am trying to get to know the residents in all 3 halls. I was stressing out about it, and then I realized that I needed to relax. As soon as that happened, names and faces became actual people. Granted, I still have A LOT of people to learn, but it is coming along, for sure.
It is interesting to be the HA, and let the RAs do their jobs. Not that I think they are not doing them, but to take on that leadership/mentoring role. I had some great examples while I was an RA (shout out!), and I only hope that I can be that positive influence on their lives. I have come to realize that I need to be helping people, guiding them, and as I do that, I feel more purpose and direction in my own life. I saw it in my teaching, my mission, and I see it now again, which gives me that extra confidence that I am doing what is best right now. I am grateful for that knowledge.
*PLUS...some of the residents have started calling me "mama k", which I LOVE!*

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