Sunday, August 29, 2010


I apologize for being such a slacker in the blogging-ness since I have gotten home. Quick updates:

*Spent a week or so with my family in Oregon
*Had Mexican food for the first time since before my mission and it made my heart SO happy!
*Spent almost a week in Windsor, CA for a family reunion
*Hung out with the cutest nieces on the face of the planet! (I have 3 of them)
*Went to the Medford and Oakland temples (I MISSED the temple!)
*Traveled to Utah with Bryan, Dani, and Charlotte
*Started my job as a Hall Advisor in Heritage Halls at BYU
*Went to the wedding reception of 2 of my favorite people (they married each other, how precious is that?)
*Talked with dear friends from before the mission (yes, life did exist before, and there is life afterwards too...which is an interesting thought, comparing the mission to mortality, but that is a different blog topic completely)


Mara Hinton said...

Yay for post mission! So how's the whirlwind of moving and getting started been? What hall are you in? Or are the Heritage hall advisors still over several halls at once? We need to figure out how to get you out here to see the new house and Ashton and hang out for a bit. I want to hear you speak in Bulgarian! :) Glad to hear you've been having some good times, friend!

Karlie Jones said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! You have been missed!