Friday, August 07, 2009

Six months in the field. . .

and this is the first addition to Kristen's blog - who ISN'T she sending an email to every week? Kristen is having some great experiences far away in Bulgaria. Currently, her companion is Esther Dahle, a friend that she knew from Woodland, California. She got a new mission president around July 1. She says it is really hot there now - "It is SOOO HOT! I don't want to complain, but I can't wait for the Fall. Our apartment faces the east, and so we get the sun first thing in the morning, and it heats up our apartment. We did cover the windows with aluminum foil a while ago, and it made a dramatic difference. I am grateful it is not as hot as it could be, and that when we are in the shade, I don't mid it too much. The word for shade is promounced 'See-awn-ka' (Bianca with an S)...I was thinking about that as a middle name for a daughter someday, to show my appreciation for the shade on my mission." She is in Ruse right now. She received a proposal the first week in Bulgaria - but so did her companion - a man who desperately wanted an American wife. The country of Bulgaria is beautiful. During the summer season, the fruits and vegetables are delicious. She has also expressed appreciation for the delicious bread. She has many opportunities to do service on her mission. Just getting people to know that there is a God, much less knowing Jesus as a personal Savior, is a challenge. The missionaries also teach English classes. Most importantly, Kristen's testimony is being fine tuned. She is emailing many family members who are not members, who are learning a lot about the Gospel through her emails, and are feeling the Spirit. Her great-uncle Harry has purchased 'Mormonism for Dummies' and says that between that and Kristen's emails, he is getting a better feel for the Mormon faith. She is well. She looks well. Her mission presidents have both been good about emailing pictures from zone conferences, etc. She loves the work and can't believe she will be home in one year. Keep her in your prayers.

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