Thursday, August 14, 2008

A quick jaunt to Vegas!

We decided to go visit our dear friend Cari Dahl in the lovely Vegas desert.
Our trip down there was a bit eventful, in that it is HOT!!! We started running the air conditioner but that quickly ended as we were afraid of over heating the car. Jennifer and Heather became quickly synchronized in their window rolling up and down skills. We did almost die when there was a traffic jam and we had the windows down, the heater on, and then there was stripping down to the bear minimum. Luckily the traffic cleared up and we were on our way again. It got so hot that when we would bump into each other, we would stick to each other and then slowly rip the skin apart.
We really appreciate the greenness of the Dahl's lawn! It was the first thing we noticed as we pulled up to her house. We were all so excited to see her, but all feeling a little ripe at the time. We had a wonderful time that night, eating some delicious food and hanging out with Cari's family. The next morning, after a French toast FEAST, we headed out to the Old Mormon Fort to have some sort of education on our trip. It was interesting enough and it is funny that Vegas was settled by the Mormons. We...the we I am talking about is: Cari, Heather, Jennae, Jennifer, Jessica, Kristen, Nick, and Phillip; we headed for the strip for our next adventures. The Las Vegans showed us the strip, and then we got to wander. We went to a plethora of places, including the Venetian, where we saw the human performance statue man, wax Blue Man Group people, and the gondolas. We also went to Caesar's Palace, the Bellagio (and saw areas from Ocean's Eleven), just to name a few. The architecture is absolutely amazing! I loved just strolling around and looking at the sites. We also made money by watching and evaluating a tv show and a movie trailer. We came back later that night and watched the fountains at the bellagio...4 times actually...2 times in the car on the way in and then 2 times when we had actually parked. We also had fun with the cops on the way to the stratosphere...don't ask. We went to the stratosphere and most of our group decided to go on the ride, but a few of us opted out. I hate heights and it took a bit for me to actually go on to the deck. It was fun but a late night.
We made it to sacrament meeting, and then headed out for the road. We checked our water levels and put a LOT of water to keep the car as cool as possible. We had fun on the way back, including driving through a few rain/lightening storms, having guys show us their phone number with face cards, and cheering when we were close to home.
All in all it was a fun trip and it was great to spend time with the PCN clan and the Dahl clan in Vegas!

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Marianne said...

Kristen, I love you! I can just see all of it happening. Thanks for keeping us all posted on your life!