Sunday, October 28, 2007

End of my high school and stuff

So, the high school where I am student teaching just had the end of their term. Holy cow! There is a lot of grading to do to make sure all grades are up to date when you have stuff do at the end of the term! I spent almost 3 hours straight grading stuff...Now I know to make stuff not due on the last day! What an adventure!

In other interesting news, I now have a car till the end of my student teaching, giving me the opportunity to learn how to drive stick. It is an adventure and a half, let me tell you! My roommates are so patient with the jerks and squeals that occasionally accompany my driving. Also, my roommate that somewhat knows how to drive stick too will play Chinese Fire Drill when I stall and CANNOT get it started again! Bless her!

That is pretty much all here on my western front...more to come!

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